Unexpected Things about The Netherlands

There are so many typical things about the Netherlands that people know. Today, we’ll look at the unexpected things that we keep discovering along the way. Whether you’re living here or simply visiting, it’s amazing to show off with some fun facts on trivia night. Let’s get to it!

The Netherlands has the highest population density in Europe

In August 2020, the population was +17.1M according to United Nations data. For a 33,720 square kilometers land, that’s about 508 people per square meter. That makes it a very densely populated country. Another interesting fact is that 92.5% of the population lives in urban areas. More than 40% of them live in Amstaderm, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht (Randstad area).

It’s the 6th happiest country in the world

Ever thought of measuring happiness? You’re not alone if you thought there are no metrics to measure happiness. According to the World Happiness Report 2020, the Netherlands was the 6th among the 156 countries that took part in the study. Some of the metrics used to measure include social support, trust, corruption, healthy life expectancy, and freedom. It even ranks way higher than neighboring Germany (17) and Belgium (20). But what do you expect with the scenery and historical sites like Moco Museum and Rijksmuseum?

There are more bicycles than people

As we’ve seen, the population is at 17 million but there are 22 million bicycles in the Netherlands.according to some studies, the Dutch cycle about 2.9 km per day. Other studies state that an average person in the Netherlands cycles 1000kms every year. The infrastructure in the country facilitates cycling and walking for fun and exercise. Plus there are so many scenic cycling routes to explore. And how else will you move from one Amsterdam Museumplein to another?

It’s the tallest nation in the world

It’s no longer a rumor. The Dutch are the tallest people in the world with men having an average height of 5 ft 11 inches while women at 5ft 7 inches. It’s good news for the single ladies looking for tall, dark (not literally), and handsome men. According to research their heavy consumption of dairy, low social inequity, and universal healthcare largely contributes to their height.

Tulips aren’t native to the Netherlands

This is a big surprise. It’s the iconic flower in the Netherlands but it didn’t originally come from the Netherlands. There is even a National Tulips Day celebrated annually every third Saturday in January. But guess what?  It came from Turkey in the 16th century.